CREDIT DEFI is a product in the ecosystem of Atlantic credit & finance special finance unit III, LLC

CreditDefi is a decentralized exchange platform built on top of CDF, a new type of platform that allows CreditDefi to be more secure and to avoid attacks from hackers in transactions and storage of electronic money.

CreditDefi positioned itself as an exchange that can build and develop a decentralized database, realizing the essence of a decentralized trading system network, as the essence of DEFI.

CDF is the official token in the Atlantic credit & finance special finance unit III ecosystem, LLC.

✓ Credit (borrowing and lending)

✓ Fee schedule on CREDIT DEFI exchange

✓ Invest

✓ Pay on ACFF’s technology applications

✓ Payment in the field of education

✓ Exchange of value and transactions on the blockchain platform

Mission and Vision

Mission: To develop platforms that apply new technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Big Data, pioneering to change the outdated old credit method to a new level that is completely transparent and safer with applications worth billions of dollars.

Vision: Credit DeFi is built on top of CDF – a new type of platform with the aim of to be one of the most secure decentralized exchange platforms to protect investors assets and become a trustful place in order to store electronic money.