Problem and Solutions 

The majority of cryptocurrency hacks originate from centralized exchanges, resulting in billions of dollars in damages each year. The most well-known example is the hack of the Mt. Gox incident in Japan, which lasted from 2011 to 2014 and resulted in the loss of 792,500 BTC, rendering the exchange unable to operate and forcing it to cease trading forever. And many investors incurred significant losses as a result of this attack.

All investors require a strong, safe, and completely secure exchange environment in which they may safely trade, invest, and perform a variety of duties while maintaining complete control over all assets. Without any intermediary channels or government meddling, your assets are totally transparent and secure.

The ways of Credit DeFi

Provide users more control over ownership tokens, and improve features to lower transaction block heights.

CDF can escape practically all network assaults, including dos attacks, since data shredding with hash functions and a distributed database.

CDF’s development plan includes token swap. In this case, the CDF just serves as a conduit for buyers and sellers to exchange assets.

CDF will launch Stablecoin code as the basis for issuing credit cards approved by banks once it has entered the development roadmap.