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Dear Credit Defi Users,

We would like to send you Credit Defi’s Regulation on sanctioning violations in order to protect the rights and interests of both parties: investors and Credit Defi.

If you are a Credit Defi investor, please read the following rules carefully.

  • Working influence has a negative impact on the organization and must not be manipulated.
  • Do not defame or harm the company’s brand or image.
  • Investors are responsible for self-assessment of investment risk, restrictions on transactions to be invested in, and making their own investment decisions.
  • Before deciding to buy and transact, investors must have full access to the issuer’s information disclosure content and understand the terms, conditions, and other commitments.
  • Investors must understand the risks associated with bond investing and trading, as well as clearly understand and ensure compliance with investor regulations, individual corporate bond transactions, and relevant laws.

If investors violate the law, they will be administratively sanctioned according to the company’s regulations on administrative violations and will be dealt with to permanently lock the account.

We value your contribution. Let us work together to build a strong Credit Defi community!