1. The official milestone creates a new era of Garden Universe.

 – On July 30, 2023, the CO2 token was officially listed on the PancakeSwap floor of the BEP20 network. After listing the exchange, it is expected that this token will grow stronger and more closely connected in the Garden Universe system.

– Soon after, Multi Chain Bridge was also completed from the process to the censorship on the last day of July.GU Token was also available at the same time on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). TRC20 – BEP20 network is successfully connected & Garden Universe has also launched CO2/GU, GU/USDT liquidity pairs to support more convenient and faster swaps.

Use the BEP20 network with typical examples such as Metamask, Trust, SafePal,… This event marked a new step in completing the Garden Universe system, expanding its scope of operation & affirming its determination to develop strongly in the second half of 2023.

  1. Farm Stake formation & mechanism of operation.

After the listing of the PancakeSwap CO2 token & the appearance of the CO2/GU pair, Farm Stake (LPs) was immediately launched to help players have a new source of income. By pairing two CO2/GU tokens in the “Add Liquidity” section at the V2 – PancakeSwap portal, players will receive a certain amount of “LPs” for each successful pairing.


Once the amount of LPs is owned, players use LPs on Stacking in the Farm link: https://farm.gu.finance/. Staking profit up to 30%/ month, 1%/ day (players need to claim on time of day)

The claim❗️ time will take place at 20:00’ daily. Through each minute of slow claim, your account will be reduced by 5% of that day’s interest.

The daily interest on the account will be calculated as the amount of CO2 corresponding to the amount of $ interest (receiving CO2 = $ interest value).

  1. Referral commissions.


Matching Bonus Commission: The referrer will get an additional bonus every time the client (Ref) claims:

F1: 20%

F2: 15%

F3: 10%

F4: 5%

F5: 5%

F6: 10%

F7: 15%

F8: 20%

For example: your F1 claims about 100 CO2, you will receive 20% x 100 = 20 CO2

Referrer’s💸 commission will be displayed under “Compounding” in the Info section and needs to be claimed.

The Farm Stake commission❗️ scheme will be used in conjunction with the CO2 Mint scheme tree system.

  1. Detailed operation instruction video:

To better understand & avoid making mistakes in transaction operations, please refer to the instructional videos on the official youtube “Garden Universe Vietnam”:

  1. How To Activate Farm Stacking:https://youtu.be/WGsXLCjpuxU
  2. How To Transfer GU From TRC20 Platform To BEP20 Platform: https://youtu.be/3EC-6ltaMsQ
  3. How To Buy And Sell GU/CO2 On Pancake Swap: https://youtu.be/6ZPWooNepr8
  4. How To Unstake Farm LPs: https://youtu.be/WJ20sbLkCaE
  5. How To Buy/Sell CO2 On Pancake Swap: https://youtu.be/oJ4nab1Vat4