Protecting the Environment from the Smallest Things! – The message from Garden Universe is directed to the entire Game Community in particular and humanity in general. Garden Universe brings a call to join hands for our planet, proud to be a pioneer in the generation of “Green Environment” games – games that meet all issues of humanity – entertainment – health – economy of the community.


For the Environment – For Ourselves! The Garden Universe exists with the mission of Protecting the Environment from Gaming. Each tree planted in the game is‘ reciprocated ’with real-life trees, which helps environmental lovers to contribute a small part to the realization of the aspiration of greening the globe. 



In addition, Garden Universe takes advantage of the forest resources built up, goes deep into the commercialization of Carbon (Carbon Credits), contributes to neutralizing Carbon in the atmosphere, minimizing the greenhouse effect, combating Climate Change. 

What is a Carbon Credit? This is a commercial component that emerges as greenhouse gas mitigation projects generate credits, an approach that can be used to sell among trading partners around the world. In the Garden Universe, players can observe the amount of carbon that plants emit and get profit from it – Integrity for the Environment & Community. Each human being is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the global CO2 balance picture!

Our game ecosystem will be backed by NFTree, each tree in the game will be backed by 1 physical tree.With a certain number of trees planted in the game, you will receive a $CO2 token. Garden Universe aims to guarantee 1 GU token ~ 1 Carbon credit, not only helping the value and profit of players grow but also contributing to fighting climate change.

Players will be able to receive profits for 10-20 years depending on the type of tree they own.


HEALTHY UNIVERSE GU – In addition to environmental protection, public health is also focused when Garden Universe is a place to make your body and lifestyle healthier from the application of a new regime. Most importantly, you can profit from the actions you take on a daily basis. The physical activity will be tracked, recorded on a smartwatch or dapp and connected directly to the Garden Universe app.

  • Monitor activities such as health (SpO2, Heart rate,…)
  • CO2 Emissions (Carbon Footprint)
  • Physical activities (swimming, jogging, cycling, etc.)

The move to earn mechanism helps players earn tokens, rewards through daily physical activity, motivating people to a greener and cleaner lifestyle.

Garden Universe makes a difference by the combination of Game & Ecommerce. E-commerce will help players transform products in the game into ‘real‘ products that meet the needs of the participants themselves. This is also a favorable business opportunity for businesses when GU brings an extremely effective source of marketing and sales channels at a low cost.

Garden Universe launched Token CO2 in May 2023 with unlimited potential! Token CO2 is used in the Garden Universe ecosystem with a listing price of $0.01. To mine this token, each account that performs Active Dapps CO2 on BEP-20 wallets (Metamask, SafePal, Trust, …) will mint 10,000 CO2 tokens with a mining speed of 0.01% / day. Increase the mining speed by referring to F1 directly: 0.01% / account (can be increased up to 1% / day).

Token CO2 can be used to shop on the Garden Universe e-commerce platform, the potential for price increase is proportional to the growth of the community. This token can also be converted to the project’s main coin, which is Token GU. In addition, token CO2 is like a reminder of the urgency of Protecting the environment. CO2 has been, is and will become the hottest wave in the community at the time of launch – Drawing awareness and global cooperation!


As a game, Garden Universe has not forgotten the task of bringing entertainment to players. This is a “PLAY TO earn” game developed on the TRON platform with attractive features, simple gameplay suitable for all ages. Players will transform into true “farmers”, build their own farms and cultivate crops and livestock diligently to collect the most products. In addition to earning profits from farming and breeding, players can also earn GU rewards after each bumper crop. In addition to earning profits from farming and animal husbandry, players can also receive GU rewards after each bumper harvest season. Token GU not only plays the role of the main Coin, but the token itself can also be used in e-commerce transactions with higher efficiency.

GU Token Profit Growth: 0.5% Daily Value Gain in 180 Days Since Launch – 1/12/2022


For Garden Universe, Community is the motivation to contribute and is also an integral part of the picture of the era. Towards a goal because of the green color that no planet has, towards the global economy in general and the profits of each individual in particular. The Garden Universe exists to fulfill this immense mission & goal!