Garden Universe makes a difference when it comes to combining Gamefi & Ecommerce. Create an E-Commerce site under Garden Universe to meet the needs of players and bring profits and utilities to each individual and organization in the Community!


The e-commerce site linked to the Garden Universe game is expected to be up and running in April 2023 and will use GU – the ‘Token used in the Game Ecosystem’ – for trading. Applying the law of supply and demand, products sold at the e-commerce site will be updated and ‘reciprocal’ products from the game.

In other words, players can sell their own products or buy other people’s products with real needs!

Bringing profit to each individual – The top goal of Garden Universe when E-commerce is directed to all partners

Customer: Refundable (from 5~40%)

Referrer: Earning Affiliate Profits

Player: Own a percentage discount when completing an order.

Donate: A small percentage of the profits contributed to the Tree Planting Fund.

In addition, e-commerce is also a potential advantage of Garden Universe when combined with organizations and businesses trading & exporting. Businesses have an extremely effective marketing, sales and advertising channel at a low cost.


What’s new makes a difference – pioneering the wave of E-Commerce Games!


Trade virtual & real products, personal & business right on the Garden Universe platform!