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How many Carbon Credits are sold each year?
RE volumes rose from 42.4 million credits in 2019 to 80.3 million credits in 2020 and remained steady at 80 million credits in 2021, making it the
second-largest market category after Forestry and Land Use.

What is the future of Carbon Credits?
The volume of credits required globally is projected to increase at least 20-fold by 2035, with volumes increasing 30 to 40-fold from current levels in scenarios consistent with the Paris Agreement on climate change. Volume grows more slowly after 2035 across all the outlooks modelled.

What if 100% of citizens on the globe own Carbon Credit?
According to the research, the Carbon Credit Market will grow 5000% in 2050.”

“We believe that every person is a piece of the puzzle that creates a picture of the global CO2 balance. Hoping by daily actions of us can help the Earth to be
protected. All Activities in Garden Universe Ecosystem are created via our daily actions, so every person will be aware of what they should or should not do, it will gradually change towards responsible and CO2 reduction for the environment.
Those actions are made via Gamefi, Refi, Socialfi, and HealthFi (Move-to-earn and Healthy),…
Using capital and technology to promote sustainable growth. The main tool at the present is “Carbon Credit””.

What is Carbon Credit?
Carbon credits, often referred to as carbon allowances, can be thought of as a unit of measurement; however, they have a “tradeable” component. Carbon credits ARE NOT the same as carbon offsets.
Carbon credits only exist in jurisdictions that are governed by what’s called a “Cap & Trade” system (such as the California Cap-and-Trade Program, which is overseen by the California Air Resources Board).

Which organizers lead Carbon Credit?
Carbon credits are created by the governing organization and allocated to individual companies within that jurisdiction. A single credit represents 1 tonne of CO2e (or Carbon dioxide equivalent) that the company is allowed to emit. The real value of the voluntary carbon market is now around $2 billion, with rising price trends of ~170 types of carbon credits as per a recent Ecosystem Marketplace (EM) report.

                                             Symbol: Token CO2

Garden Universe launches CO2 Token in May 2023 with unlimited potential! CO2 Token is used in the Garden Universe ecosystem with a listing price of $0.01.

To mine this token, each account performs Active Dapps CO2 on BEP-20 network wallets (Metamask, SafePal, Trust,…) will mint 10,000 CO2 tokens with a mining speed of 0.01%/ day. Increase mining speed by referring F1 directly: 0.01%/ account (can increase up to 1%/ day).

CO2 Token can be used to shop on the Garden Universe e-commerce platform, potential price increase proportional to the growth of the community. This token can also be converted to the project’s main coin, which is GU Token. In addition, CO2 token is like a reminder of the urgency of Environmental protection. CO2 has been, is and will become the hottest wave in the community at the time of launch – Drawing awareness and global cooperation!

Symbol: CO2

Network: BEP-20, BNB Smart Chain                                       

Total supply: Unlimit

Smart Contract Token CO2:  0x643185AC3A56D6bE9f33fccF4194e83ccB886A62