CO2 Token – Pioneering in the field of Environmental Protection

Since its inception, Garden Universe has always carried the mission of protecting the environment. By Using & Securing Carbon Credits – Drawing Global Consciousness and Joining Hands!

At Garden Universe, each plant in the game is‘ matched ’with real trees, players can receive carbon credits from those plants and track the amount of CO2 emitted when growing, breeding and producing in the game. The forests that the ‘farmers’ create together with GU will always be ‘green’ – always bringing a healthy and profitable environment to the people of the region in particular and the community in general.


Garden Universe: Play to Earn and Free Edition

in June 2023. When Play to Earn(P2E) owns Carbon credits, in the Free version, players can also mine CO2 tokens and a small portion of Carbon credits from the game’s crops. This not only helps players have the most authentic experience of the P2E version but also increases the sense of environmental protection.

In addition, CO2 tokens can also be used for cashback shopping in e-commerce. Through the free bulk mining at the Binary Layer Mutual Overflow Diagram, players have the opportunity to experience even better at the Garden Universe global e-commerce floor. Especially in each purchase and transportation of goods, players can also observe the amount of CO2 emitted and profit from them.

As the Earth heats up due to climate change, small human actions can also have a huge impact on the environment. It is up to us to decide whether these actions are good or bad for our environment. Join the Garden Universe – Take action before it’s too late!