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What is story?

The Gods of Nature lives in a faraway kingdom hidden beneath the clouds. Here, magical seeds are born and nurtured, and each seed contains the blessings and wonders of the god who created it. After being nurtured, angels will deliver seeds to the higher clouds to cultivate.

Chubby, the angel, was tasked with transporting enchanted beans to the highest clouds for the Forest Saint to cultivate one day. Unfortunately, on the way to the mission, a strong wind blew, causing a magical bean to fall out of Chubby’s basket. Chubby was startled when she noticed a bean had gone missing; she searched but was unable to find the missing seed, and she was punished for her carelessness.

Because of the strong wind, the seed landed in a strange land, a location that had never been visited before. Surprisingly, the bean sprouted and grew into a massive bean plant that reached the upper clouds and served as a bridge between the land and the world on the clouds.

When the massive bean tree appeared, the unusual new area piqued the interest of the people in the skies. They banded together and planned to visit places where no one had gone before and explore new territory. They discovered that the seeds sown here grew exceptionally well and that the animals raised here matured exceptionally well. Each land is gradually exploited and upgraded, resulting in breathtaking landscapes that support a variety of activities such as farming, breeding, and production. The Garden Universe was conceived after this area appeared to be the second wonderland.

Let’s go on an adventure and develop this fascinating land…

Token GU – a main token developed on the TRON platform as the basis for transactions in the Garden Universe Ecosystem.

Symbol: GU

Network: TRC-20, TRX platform                                           

Total supply: 100,000,000 GU

Players can earn token GU from playing the game Garden Universe (under different missions and mechanics) or mining from other forms of Mining. This helps players to master the source of income for themselves in the Game, improving performance.

With a scarcity limit of 100,000,000 tokens, the level to achieve the GU rewards will become more difficult over time. GU tokens are fully used in liquidity at Garden Universe, creating GU’s purchasing power and increasing its value over time.

Smart Contract: TCxMi7iEVoDEoGd8DFVvZVh3mh9xWHrHAp

                                                   Symbol: Token GU